Please read our Terms and Conditions/ Shopping Guidelines found here before submitting an order. Submitting an order means customer fully understands and complies to the Rules and Regulations/ Terms and Conditions (Payment / Shipping / Return and Exchange Policies) of our store.

How do I choose an item I want to order?

  • Select a product category from the upper menu.
  • Click a product you would like to view in greater detail. Once you click a product, you will be able to see the product details, price, pictures, and product availability.
  • To order a product, click the product, select the size you want to order, then click the “ADD TO BAG” button. The item will automatically be placed in your shopping bag.
  • Click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” if you wish to order more items. If you are done shopping, click “CHECK OUT”.

How to I submit an order?

  • After selecting the all the items you want to order, click “CHECK OUT”.
  • Fill out the Check Out form with your personal details, and your preferred mode of payment and delivery.
  • Click “SUBMIT” and proceed to completing payment.