Since it opened in 2009, ZOO has become a fashion favorite to a growing number of stylish individuals.

It’s humble beginnings started in February 2009 when Manila-based sisters, Kat, Karla, and Kim Zulueta opened an online-based store selling limited, but definitely statement-making women’s footwear, one cannot find elsewhere in the country.

The brand name ZOO lived up to it’s name from the very beginning  A place where nothing is ordinary, where every little piece has something unique in it.

ZOO Shoes became a favorite among Manila’s fashionable crowd and not so long, the brand earned the attention of hundreds of customers and industry-insiders alike.

In 2010, the founders decided to extend the ZOO line and from a small online shoe store, it grew to a full fashion haven  A one-stop shop selling the whole range of trend-setting footwear, clothing, and accessories, to fashion-conscious women worldwide.

ZOO Clothing now grows to be ZOO’s main attraction, with pieces exclusively designed and manufactured in house, crafted with quality materials sourced around the world.

Definitely not for the faint hearted, ZOO brings the latest fashionable pieces inspired not just by runway and big fashion houses, but also by anything and everything special- day to day personal encounters of the people behind the brand, travel inspirations, and real fashion muses on the streets around the world.

ZOO continues to be a major style influence and will surely bring more surprises in the world of fashion in the coming years.

Visit ZOO’s main web store: and shop to your hearts desire. Get ready to fall in love as you discover and experience the world of ZOO.